JG Kern Employees –


We recognize that these are difficult times for everyone so we wanted to provide some additional information for all of you.  Please understand that the company is doing what it takes to provide you with a safe and healthy environment when you return to work.


Stay Home Directive:

Governor Whitmer has extended the Stay Home, Stay Safe directive through the end of April, however because our customers are considered part of the “Essential Critical Manufacturing Infrastructure” as defined by the Dept. of Homeland Security, they are exempt from the directive.  JG Kern products are essential to our customers’ operations and as such, JG Kern is also part of the Critical Manufacturing Infrastructure and exempt from the Stay Home directive.

See the attached letters that the company has received from our customers (Ford and Dana) that demonstrate that our services are considered essential.  The letters are being provided for your general knowledge and understanding of the situation.


Since we will begin limited production prior to the end of the Stay Home directive, the company will provide an “Essential Business” letter to any employee that requires it to travel to/from work.


Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing Process:

The company has purchased and has been using sanitizing misting fans to disinfect the surfaces in the plant.  The product that we are using to mix with water and create the mist in the fans is called TwinOxide.  Research shows that the product is safe to use in the plant setting and will kill 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria including coronavirus.  See the attached FAQ on TwinOxide for answers to your questions and important information on the product.



Covid-19+Dana+Update (002)

3-24-20 Ford Supplier Communication_Exemption to Nonessential MI State Orders (003) (002)